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The Go RVing Canada coalition was formed in 1997, and consists of RV manufacturers, RV dealers and campground operators in the multi-billion dollar Canadian RVing industry.

The coalition serves as the Canadian RV camping industry ambassador to provide the public and media with information about the benefits of RV travel. Go RVing Canada seeks to enhance consumer information and satisfaction with the RV experience, it’s the destination for everything RVing.

At Go RVing Canada we want to show Canadians across Canada how amazing the RV Lifestyle can be.
Our showcase of resources for potential RVers including everything from affordability guides, RV compare tools, and Getting started guides. Once you are ready to set out we have an interactive trip planner, campground finder, and a range of resources to educate and inspire.

The Go RVing Canada website is also a great resource for RVers to connect with local dealers and to help establish which RV is right for them and their needs. We also feature a microsite that showcases seasonal camping, where you leave your RV in a campground or resort for an extended period of time.

On the Go RVing Canada blog, we often curate must see destination lists that highlight some of our top RV travel suggestions. From From underrated spots to top beach destinations, Canadians and tourists alike can explore our lists filled with ideas and inspiration for their next road trip or camping adventure.


An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a home on wheels. Typically it is vehicle that you drive or tow, while some RVs known as Park models are placed more permanently at a campground or resort. Whatever type you choose, you can bring along the comforts of home, including all your gear, no matter where your adventure or vacation takes you.

RVs come in many sizes and categories. For the most part, they offer sleeping and living areas, cooking facilities, and bathroom amenities. They come equipped with gas, electricity, and heating and cooling systems, and many new RVs are also outfitted with solar panels and lithum batteries. No matter the amenities, an RV allows you to get away more often in greater comfort and style.


RVing gives you the power to travel freely. It’s all about taking control of your vacation or weekends in a whole new world of freedom and relaxation. Rving allows you to go where you want when you want. It turns every weekend into a vacation and every trip into an escape.


  • There are more than 2 million RVs on the road in Canada
  • Approximately 15 per cent of Canadian households owns an RV
  • 67% of RV’ers now under the age of 55.
  • The RV industry generates $3.3 billion in tourism
  • The RV industry has grown by 13 per cent since 2017
  • Canadian RV owners and renters took an estimated 8.8 million RVP trips in Canada in 2017
  • Seventy per cent of RV trips in 2017 were spent in a campground, 40 per cent private campgrounds/RV parks, 30 per cent at provincial/national park campgrounds and 13 per cent through parking at home/lot/farm.


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