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Accessible RVing in Canada


We’ve received a few questions about accessible RVing in Canada and realized that there aren’t many solid resources online around the topic. Where is it safe and easy to park your trailer? Who builds accessible trailers and motorhomes? We want to make adopting the RVing lifestyle an easy decision for everyone!

The lack of consolidated information inspired this post: A roundup of resources to get started RVing with a wheelchair, walker, or other specialized mobility needs. Keep reading for all the best resources we found, including options to choose an RV that works for you and where to find Canadian campgrounds that accommodate accessibility challenges.


Accessible RVs

Wheelchair or walker-friendly RV seem hard to come by at first search. However, larger models are quite accommodating, specialized rigs offer more than ever, and of course there’s the option to build custom.


1. Choose an RV that works.

Some RVs might have all the bells and whistles for unique accessibility inside without having to make any major modifications. Instead of building custom, choose a convenient standard model then add the entrance ramps and driving controls you need.


Quick features to look for when RV shopping:

● Low front controls on the cooking appliances, like the stove and microwave.
● Sliding drawers in cupboards and closets.
● Large bedroom space with a low mattress.
● Slide-out sides for a spacious layout.


One RVer bought a 33-foot Newmar Bay Star Model 3306 with all of the above. You should compare prices and availability before choosing this option over the following two.


2. Make custom modifications.

You know we love a good DIY! Make an old RV newly accessible with custom modifications. Although this option obviously requires a lot more work, you’ll know it’s perfect for your family if you design and build yourself. With the #vanlife movement, converting old motorhomes and trailers is a popular trend, so there are plenty of resources online to learn how to customize your rig on your own.


3. Buy a wheelchair accessible motorhome.

Specialized units guarantee that your camping experience will be exactly what you need and designed by experts. Many major brands now offer accessibility enhanced trailers and motorhomes. Features include: wheelchair lifts and ramps, widened doorways and hallways, lowered counters, and all-important switches within reach for effortless mobility.


Here’s a few we found:
Fraserway RV


Accessible campsites

What should you look for? An accessible campsite will have a firm ground and a clear space around tent or RV pads, fire pits, and hookups. These sites should be free of any barriers and close proximity to any park necessities, like the washrooms.

Finding accessible campsites in Canada, unfortunately, requires a little extra work. In many cases, you may need to call the reservations line of the campground of choice to confirm the specific features that make a campground accessible to you.

To get started, the following websites list wheelchair accessible campsites in each province.

British Columbia
Maritime Provinces
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland and Labrador


Resources for RVing outside of Canada:

United States of America


We firmly believe that anyone can enjoy the RVing lifestyle. If you have any additional tips or tools about accessible RVing in Canada, please reach out! We’d love to offer more resources on this topic.

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