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RV Maintenance – Propane


Learn about the important propane systems on your RV and how to monitor and maintain the various propane detection systems.


Welcome to the Go RVing Canada website. Today we’re going to talk about a few small maintenance items that will ensure that you have an RV for years to come.

The majority of today’s RV’s all have propane systems. We use propane to run your water heater, run your furnace, run your fridge and it’s a crucial part your RV. Now propane is a very safe gas, don’t get me wrong but it is something that we have to have respect for. The propane system in your RV should be checked yearly and when I say checked, I mean we need check the pressure of the propane system. We want to make sure that you don’t have any leaks at the appliances or at the bottles.

Propane is a very safe gas but like gases it is very ignitable so we do have to be careful. If you do smell gas around your propane please get it in your local RV dealer soon as possible.

One of the safety systems inside your RV that we really need to keep in mind is your propane detector. Your propane detector will actually emit a beep, a solid beep if there happens to be propane present inside the unit. Now that propane detector also serves as another function if you hear the propane detector doing beep, beep, beep that doesn’t mean there’s propane that means you’ve got a low battery.

Now the problem with the detectors is that they have a life span, if you pull your propane detector out of the wall and look at the back you’ll actually see an expiry date. Do keep that in mind they are an item that needs to be replaced.

Most RVs today will also come with carbon monoxide detector, they are actually the same thing they have an expiry date keep it in mind. Check it in the fall, make sure that you are within its operating dates. But on top of those are last line of defense we need to make sure your fire extinguisher is working. They all have dates on them when they were last inspected make sure that they’re still in good shape.

If you do find your fire extinguisher is out of date, please make sure to visit your local RV dealer to get it replaced.

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