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Video, RV Maintenance

RV Maintenance – Tires


In this video you will learn some helpful tips about taking care of your RV tires.

Welcome to the GoRVing Canada website. Today we’re going to talk about a few small maintenance items that will ensure that you have an RV for years to come.

Well the tires are pretty crucial part of every RV – it is what keeps you grounded and it’s what keeps that box following behind nice and straight.

The problem with RV tires is they aren’t like your vehicle tires. Your vehicle tires are at least getting used every couple months if not daily so that rubber is going down the road. It finds compression, it finds movement as it’s being exercised.

The problem with an RV is it will sit for five to six months out of the year in one position. If you by chance let sun beat on that tire for six months straight what you’re gonna find are little cracks in the sidewall of the tire. They are called weather checking. This is unsafe to use. You need to replace your tires right away.

The best way to combat this is just by keeping the sun off the tires. If you’re gonna be parked for six months just put a sheet of plywood, tire covers – anything to keep the sun off those tires.

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