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8 Vegan Recipes for the RV Crew


Do you follow a plant-based diet and need some vegan cooking inspiration for your next road trip? Going vegan for camping season means you might need to get a little more creative than your typical barbeque cookouts, but these vegan camping recipes in this roundup are every bit as easy and delicious. It’s safe to predict that the entire RV crew will love them!

All can be prepped ahead, grilled on the barbeque, sauteed over a campfire flame and served up family-style around the picnic table. You’ll find even more camping recipes to fuel your journey on Go RVing Canada’s Pinterest boards. Enjoy!


Middle-Eastern Spiced Chickpeas

Simple and spicy – just how we like our Middle-Eastern inspired chickpeas! Saute onions and spices over your campfire, then add chickpeas and greens for a well-rounded dish at the end of a day in the sunshine. You could add other vegetables on-hand to make this a complete and extra-filling meal.


Vegan Omelettes

Yes – you read that right. These vegan make-ahead omelettes substitute chickpea flour, nutritional yeast, water, and salt for eggs. Prep whatever veggies you want in your omelettes and top with vegan cheese of your choosing. Breakfast is served!


Vegan Burgers

What’s a camping trip without a classic barbeque cookout? Try one of these vegan burger recipes next time you’re out for a weekend with the family. Some might require a little extra prep before you hit the road, but they do look delicious!


Lentil Taco “Meat”

Vegans don’t need to give up Taco Tuesday when they give up taco meat. This vegan lentil taco meat is easy to throw together and serve up on the picnic table. Choose soft or hard shells, add your toppings, and you’ll have yourself a group of happy campers!


Mediterranean Salad

Mason jar salads are super easy to put together before you pull out of the driveway for the weekend. Try these mediterranean salads for the perfect combination of flavour and nutrients to fill you up on-the-go!


Mushroom Stroganoff

This vegan mushroom stroganoff might at first seem daunting to cook while camping, but it’s easily whipped up in just one pot! Will it make your must-try list? Pasta, mushrooms, broth – yum! You don’t have to ask us twice to make this one for the RV crew.


Vegan Jerky

A classic wilderness snack to pull out of your backpack: jerky. Try making your own vegan jerky before heading out on your next RV trip. Spicy and chewy, just like the real stuff!


Cauliflower Curry

This cauliflower curry is grilled in a foil packet over an open flame or on the barbeque… does it get any easier than that?! Mix up the veggies to match your mood (and fresh supplies) and drizzle with non-dairy zesty yogurt sauce.


Now, the hard part is choosing which one to cook first!

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