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How to RV with Kids

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RVing with kids can be the ultimate adventure! But let’s be honest, it can have its moments. Looking for some tips to make the journey smoother for the whole family? Here are some great tips for how to RV with kids.


First things first, where do you want to travel to this year? You could go with the flow, or take the road less travelled to explore places off the beaten path in Canada.

Next, choose a family-friendly campground complete with a pool and a playground for the kids. Our Campground Finder makes it easy to find the perfect place to park your RV near your dream destination.

Bryan Baeumler and son hitching vehicle to RV



Ever struggled to manage unruly kids while driving? Bryan and Sarah understand the challenge. For larger units, designating ‘activity zones’ within the RV, like a table for drawing or playing games, can help keep everyone entertained.

Portable lap desks or trays can also serve as mini activity stations and are easily stowed away when not in use. Additionally, utilizing seatback organizers or pouches allows for a treasure trove of stored toys, books, and activities without taking up too much space.


One of the Baeumler’s favourite aspects of RV travel with kids? The swift snack pitstop. Finding a safe place to park and take a break, stretch your legs, and fix a quick snack in the RV can be a lifesaver. Have your snacks conveniently on board so you don’t have to wait for a rest stop and it saves you money, too!

Baeumler son stepping out of an RV


Set a schedule and try to stick to it. You’ll need to map out your stops along the highway to get to your destination but doing this helps break up the trip into smaller, more manageable stretches.


For the Baeumler’s, an RV trip often means unplugging the kids from their beloved gadgets. It’s time to kick it old school and play a good ‘ol fashioned game of ‘I Spy’ or a road trip scavenger hunt! Screen breaks are important and a nice reminder to enjoy the scenery going by.


Talk to your dealer about the safest RV options if you plan to travel with small children. In most cases they can offer you additional support or car seats, as well as a thorough run through on safety measures to take while driving with children.  Ideally when you sit a child in an RV using a child restraint, the child needs to be in a forward facing seat, meaning the seat – or couch as the case may be – needs to be facing toward the front windshield.


Baeumler daughter looking out the driver side window


Don’t forget to plan a few games to keep the kids busy. You’ll want a few tricks up your sleeve for nice days or rainy ones! Think: indoor and outdoor games, games to play in the car, books that don’t take up too much space.

As for the nice days, why not plan a family hike? The great outdoors are why we road trip in the first place!


Are you planning a trip with more than one family? It requires a little extra coordination, but it’s extra fun for the kids when everything comes together. There’s always room for more friends around the campfire!



Go RVing Canada invites you to step inside Bryan Baeumler’s Roadhouse! Join Bryan Baeumler as he shares his tips and tricks to RVing and life on the road.

Whether you’re a first-time RVer or a seasoned vet, Bryan is sure to teach you a few things about hitting the road in your own ‘Roadhouse’.


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