Bryan Baeumler looking out of the door to his RV Bryan Baeumler looking out of the door to his RV Bryan Baeumler looking out of the door to his RV
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Bryan’s Top Questions to Ask Your Local RV Dealer


Embarking on the journey to purchase an RV can feel like navigating uncharted territory. Just like with any purchase, it comes with a flurry of considerations and questions that might leave you wondering where to start. This list of questions to ask your local RV dealer will help you find the perfect RV to match your budget and needs.

Having gone through the process of choosing the perfect RV for him and his family, Bryan knows firsthand the importance of leaning on the expertise of your local RV dealer. Continue reading to learn about his top 10 questions to ask your dealer and then use our Find a Dealer tool to connect with a dealer near you. 

Class A motorhome driving down a road at sunset

1. What RV Type Suits My Needs?

Purchasing an RV is just like buying a car or even a home. Talk to your local dealer about your needs, requirements, and travel plans and they will be able to introduce you to some units that will fit that criteria. While you’re there, you can walk through some different units to get a feel for various layouts and find something that works best for you.

2. Which RV’s Fit My Budget?

There’s an RV for every budget. Whether it’s a camper, van, or trailer, your local RV dealer will be able to quickly help you find something that suits your comfort level and wallet. 

3. Can I Tow This RV?

If you’re considering purchasing a towable unit like a trailer, your RV dealer will help you find an RV that matches your vehicle’s towing capacity.

Bryan Baeumler and his son hitching a vehicle to their RV

4. Is Financing Available?

Yes; you can finance an RV just like you can finance a car. Your local dealer will provide you with the available financing options, interest rates, and available payment plans.

5. What is the Warranty?

Your local RV dealer will be able to educate you about the warranty coverage, its duration, and everything that’s included.

6. What is the Routine and Annual Maintenance?

Ask your local RV dealer about the recommended service schedules, costs, and whether their dealership provides those services. And if they don’t, they’ll be able to help you find a local RV maintenance and repair shop.

7. What About RV Insurance?

Your local dealer will be an expert on the insurance options available, requirements, and recommendations for adequate coverage.

Bryan Baeumler behind the wheel and driving his class A motorhome

8. What Kind of Support is Provided?

Need to call your RV dealer for some roadside support? RV dealers provide a range of customer support and assistance. Find out what they offer so you know what to expect from your local RV dealer.

9. Can I Test Drive an RV?

Absolutely! Similar to a car, experiencing how it handles on the road and getting a feel for its features is essential. Your local RV dealer can arrange a test drive for you.

10. Are There Customizable Options Available?

Learn about all of the customization possibilities that are available for each unit. It’s important to tailor your RV to your taste and needs, and your RV dealer will help you do just that.

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