Sarah Baeumler posing for a photo at a campsite Sarah Baeumler posing for a photo at a campsite Sarah Baeumler posing for a photo at a campsite
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RV Interior Design with Sarah Baeumler


Step into the world of RV interior design with Sarah Baeumler! Amidst the excitement of planning your RV adventures, your RV’s interior design might be the last thing on your mind. But remember that your RV is not just a vehicle; it’s your home on wheels. This is your starter guide to personalizing your RV. Learn Sarah’s secrets on how she transformed the Baeumler family RV into a cozy home on wheels.

Looking for more inspiration? We got you covered. We gathered some budget-friendly RV DIY projects from the RV community that you can easily tackle at home. Continue reading to learn more.

Choose a theme

Tip #1: Choose a Theme 

Choose a theme that reflects your personality. I try and think of some creature comforts from our home that will work in the RV. It’s important to look at your own home and what you like there first, and make sure your RV reflects that.

Consider Your Fabrics

Tip #2: Consider Your Fabrics

Select fabrics that go with the season that you’re going to be traveling in your RV but also work for everyone that is going to be traveling with you (and that includes your pets).

Invest in bedding

Tip #3: Invest in Bedding

Everyone knows that sleep is very important so invest in a mattress and good linens that make you feel like you’re at home. Your bed is equally as important when you’re on holiday or in the RV so invest in great sheets and make your bed comfortable. 

Optimize Your Storage

Tip #4: Optimize Your Storage

Optimizing every bit of space on the RV is key to make sure that you have a relaxing trip. Maximize your space with simple things like using hooks on the wall in your bathroom for towels. And don’t forget that functionality is important. Use baskets for organization and find items to outfit your RV that have additional storage, like under a coffee table.

Don't Forget the Exteriors

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Exteriors

It’s really important to think about how you will be using the space outside of your RV. Whether it’s with folding dining tables, chairs to sit at, games for the kids, or creating a wonderful space around the campfire, don’t forget to invest in your exterior. 

Sarah Baeumler and her son sitting on a bench

Tip #6: Renovations

If you have an older RV and are ready for an upgrade, consider doing a mini makeover. Simple things like updating your flooring can make a big difference and don’t have to break the bank. 


Now that you’re feeling inspired, let’s get started with transforming the interior of your RV.

We asked the RV community for their top easy DIY RV projects that won’t break the bank!


Two phones with Instagram photos on them showing the interior of RVs

RVer: Kirsten and Devin

Instagram: @fifth_wheel_living

“Honestly, paint goes a long way! It’s also one of the more affordable projects. You can do different colors, give off the illusion a room is bigger with brighter colors, change a rooms vibe and age with paint alone. With all of my rvs, I’ve always used paint first to make the drastic difference. Another great thing about paint is that this project is very forgiving. Easy diy, no experiences needed and you can let your creativity blossom without feeling the pressure of messing up. It’s my favourite DIY.”


RV interior design before and after photos of a living room

RVer: Carrie and RW

Instagram: @driftless_rv_renovators

Remove and replace manufacture window coverings. It’s a great way to quickly lighten and brighten the space. Sometimes it’s as simple as removing the valances but if you dislike the window coverings look for replacements that are lightweight and low profile. Use the screws you removed as a guide for what to use for installation as you don’t want to screw through to the exterior of the RV. Also be mindful of where electric and other systems might be hiding in the wall. We find that 1″ self-tapping screws are almost always right for the job.


Interior before and after of a van

RVer: Emily

Instagram: @emsvanlife

My favourite DIY project in the van is peel and stick wallpaper. I used this in both my bedroom area as well as the main living area.  It was quick and easy way to give each space within the van their own unique personality. It is an economical solution that doesn’t require a long term commitment to a look as it’s as easy to remove as it is to install.


RV interiors

RVer: Amanda & Jerry

Instagram: @harpersonwheels

My #1 simple RV Reno/DIY is a lampshade install.  All you need a screwdriver, wire cutters, and lamp shade of your choice.  I remove the cover of the puck light, unscrew the metal plate from the ceiling (if needed, some are spring loaded), cut off the metal part of the lampshade that goes over a bulb and leave about an inch on each side, then I put the metal part behind the light plate and reinstall the cover of the puck light. Voila!  Instant happiness and a homey feel.


Sarah Baeumler and her daughter


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