Some helpful tips before you Rent an RV

What's a typical RV rental package?
The most popular model rented by Canadian families is the Class C Motorhome. However, there really is no 'typical RV rental package' since your rental is totally customizable! Choose the size, model and customizations that fit your needs. Maybe you're looking for a travel trailer, truck camper, or folding camping trailer? Get in touch with a rental dealer and find out what's right for you.

TIP: "Ask the rental dealers which campgrounds they recommend. You can often get some great discounts"

I would like to rent an RV for the summer. How do I go about it? How much would it cost to rent an RV?

Your local RV rental dealer will be able to find you the perfect summer rental and provide you with the cost. A list of dealers by province, which are involved in RV rentals in Canada, can be found on our Go RVing Canada website.

TIP: "Check out the floor plans of the RV's before you rent. It's worth going to the dealership prior to booking just to see if it's the right fit for you and your family."

What kind of insurance do I need?
Speak to your car insurance broker to see if you are covered for the RV you plan to rent. You may need to arrange additional coverage from the rental company. Some companies also have minimum age requirements.

TIP: "Make sure that when you make reservations at campgrounds you know the length and class of RV so you get the right space"


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