Destination Trailer


$70,000 - $120,000


9.7 to 12.5 M (32 - 41 ft)


Sleeps up to 8



Have a look inside a destination Travel Trailer

Similar to a large conventional Travel Trailer the Destination Travel Trailer is constructed for seasonal use only. Units are designed for occasional moves using a heavy duty tow vehicle and do not require a special highway permit. Onsite hook-ups are required.

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RV Features

RV Features

Tow like a conventional trailer

These RV’s do not exceed 2.6 meters (8 ½ ft) in width, but will usually have at least one or two slide-outs that operate at the touch of a button and provide added living space.

Lots of space

Park Trailers similar to the travel trailer are built to CSA Z-240 safety standards and may not exceed 400 sqft.

Easy Maintenance

Exteriors are available in both an aluminum skin as well as fiberglass and use traditional style RV windows & doors.

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Destination Trailer RV provides all the comforts of home and can be moved to a different campsite each year.

Sleeps 8-10
Extra Storage Space
Residential Kitchen
Full Bathroom and Shower
Ample Privacy
Set-up once for the season
destination trailer
inside destination trailer
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What is seasonal camping?

Seasonal Camping is when a campsite is rented for the full season, and the occupants treat it as if it were a vacation home that they can come and go to as frequently as they wish. This means leaving the RV or park model RV on one campsite for an extended period of time, most commonly the summer camping season. For some, it’s a convenient weekend retreat. For others, it’s a seasonal getaway or yearly vacation tradition. But however you seasonal camp, it’s a great way to savor your favorite destination time and time again.

Can I live in this full time?

No. Despite their residential appearance, park models are built to RV standards and are designed for short-term, seasonal use. They are fantastic to use for an entire season if you are expecting to spend several weeks or months in one location or spend multiple weekends at the same place in the same way others use a lake house or condo.

How do I get a park model setup at my preferred destination?

Park Model RVs are initially towed to a seasonal RV resort and placed on a site for the owner. Most RV dealers will deliver directly to the campground, and many RV park operators offer storage during off-season months, along with setup service the following spring. Once hooked up to the campground’s electricity, water, and sewer, park models generally remain on the selected site year-round. Check with your local RV dealer and preferred RV park to see if these setup and long term storage services are available.

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