What does it cost for RV rentals?

RV rental costs depend on what type of RV you want to rent, and the overall size you require or need for your sleeping accommodations. Typical RV rentals include Motorhomes, while you can also rent Travel Trailers if you have the proper vehicle to tow with.

Motorhome Rentals
An average 25-foot class C motorhome, the most popular rented model, will cost about $1500-$2000/week. They usually come fully equipped with kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, cups, cooking pots, towels, and bedding. Camper rentals (Class B motorhomes) generally cost a bit less at $1000-1500/week though are suited for 2 people or solo travelers. There are no costs for vehicle maintenance, but insurance may be extra or integrated in the price.  However, there may be additional charges for amenities, travel to the Far North, extra mileage, or a winterizing fee for wintertime RVing.

Travel Trailer Rentals
Travel Trailers will typically cost about $75-150/night or $500-800/week. Depending on features and the season prices may vary, and you may need to rent a pickup truck. Your RV Dealer will be able to advise on the proper vehicle for towing.

Park Model Rentals
Prices can range depending on the season but can start from as little as $125/night for a cabin that can sleep up to 8.