The hybrid travel trailer is a cross between a hard-sided travel trailer and a tent camping trailer with ends that pull out to offer more sleeping room. It’s lighter, often more affordable and can be towed by many popular family vehicles like mini-vans or SUVs.

Hybrid Travel Trailer
  • Size 5.8 to 8.2 m (19 - 29 ft)
  • Cost $12,000 - 35,000
  • Sleeps Up to 8 people

Features of this RV

  • Smaller models can be towed by mid-size vehicles: Including your family car, SUV or pickup truck. Check with your dealer for your vehicle's tow limits.
  • Lightweight versions: Designed specifically for towing behind most 6-cylinder family vehicles
  • Detachable from tow vehicle: Leave your trailer at the park and use your car or truck for shopping and sightseeing.
  • All the conveniences of home: Your trailer has all the amenities for sleeping, showering, dining, cooking and entertaining.

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