We have forgotten about someone. Our true selves. We need to connect to that person who truly needs us. Go find that you.


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Wildhood is not just an advertising campaign, but a brand ethos. It’s our identity, it represents our values and beliefs that drive us as a brand and community of passionate RVers.

The fourth evolution of Wildhood was developed on the heels of the pandemic. As we re-entered the world, we saw ourselves falling back into the routines, the pressures, and the expectations that we’ve unthinkingly come to accept as who we are. But that’s not our true self. The person we want to be. The new campaign encourages people to “Find Your Wildhood” . Because our Wildhood is where our true selves live. Where we can fully surrender who we should be for who we want to be. Where we can roam free. Jump. Climb. Run. Splash. Create. Share. It ’s untamed. Absolutely wild. It ’s where we show up in all our glory.

Go RVing helps us visit our Wildhood at any time. But there are no directions. No coordinates. Because it ’s not any one place, but a space that occupies the mind. The body. And every wrong turn we take to get there, the further lost we get, takes us closer to it . It ’s time for us to lose the self we’ve been walking around with for the one we want to be.

‘Wildhood’ is a state of being that exists in all of us – if we’re willing to look. We are explorers, motivated by wanderlust, and our most powerful memories tend to be of the moments shared with loved ones, of discovery, of places that fill us with awe and wonder. This is where the magic lies. Big or small, these moments enrich our lives.

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