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Tavia Captures her RV Journey to Lake Louise on Film


Vancouver, BC | Canada

Tavia Bonetti is a fashion designer from Vancouver, BC. She enjoys capturing special moments on film, and took us along for her and her boyfriend’s five day west coast journey.

Stories From the Road Tavia Captures her RV Journey to Lake Louise on Film

Hi! I’m Tavia, from Vancouver, BC. RV trips have been rooted in family since i’ve been little, and finally, I’ve gotten the chance to take charge of my own trip and drive the RV myself swapping turns with my boyfriend as we made the trip from Vancouver to Banff. I’ve always had a love for the outdoors and the memories you make on road trips, so this RV experience was the ultimate trip I’ve always envisioned.

Starting off in Vancouver, we traveled through beautiful British Columbia all the way to Banff, Alberta. Including stops we made along the way, the drive to Banff took us a total of 3 days. We made our first stop to Johnson Lake to camp out for the night. Johnson Lake is an off the beaten path lake I usually keep to myself, but it’s too good not to share. It’s magical, and worth the hike. We cooked our first dinner in the RV, and had the coziest sleep. The next day, we stopped in the cutest little ski town, Revelstoke, and then continued our journey to our campsite outside of Golden, BC.  We spent the morning in Golden, making it to Banff and then visited stunning Lake Louise by the afternoon. We treated ourself for making the journey at the fairmont hotel right on the lake, then rented a canoe and paddled all the way to the other side of the lake. I can’t wait to get time to do another trip with Go RVing Canada. Next on my list is Vancouver to Alaska!

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Stories from the road

This RV trip is one i’ll never forget, driving long distances is so different when you’re doing it by RV. It was so comforting knowing that we can just pull over, take a nap, cook food or play card games to take breaks, and we did that regularly. We had so many memorable moments from the trip, but one of the funnest moments was when we decided to go on a hike to a lake that was an hour-long drive up a narrow dirt road. We lost service half way up, and the road started to get a bit sketchy, with no other cars or people in sight. Once we got to the top of to start the hike, we saw three trucks wrapped in chicken wire and held down by rocks. Neither of us had seen anything like that before, and we couldn’t pull out Google to ease our minds on what it could mean. It felt like something out of the Blair Witch Project, but we kept on and did the 3 hour hike up to beautiful Johnson Lake. Once we finally got back down to service, we found out people do that to protect their tires and brake lines from porcupines as they enjoy chewing on the rubber. Not as scary as we thought! But it was a memory that made us laugh when we looked back at it, you never know what you’ll face on the road, but it’s important to enjoy the ride.

Life is beautiful. Don’t forget to take time to notice all the little things, feel the sun, smell the rain. That’s why taking road-trips like this become so meaningful, you’re not rushing to get anywhere just enjoying the moments in between – Tavia Bonetti

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Follow Tavia’s  route:

    • Vancouver, B.C.
    • Barriere, BC (Johnson Lake)
    • Revelstoke, BC
    • Golden, BC
    • Banff, AB
    • Lake Louise, AB

This round trip took Tavia a total of 5 days. She used our interactive trip planner to map her route, and find campgrounds along the way.


Live Your Wildhood

The philosophy of Wildhood is borne of the notion that we, as humans, have a fundamental desire to connect with one another, and connect with the natural world. We are curious. We are moved by wanderlust. Our most powerful memories are of moments we share with the ones we love, or of places that fill us with awe and wonder. Preferably both at the same time. These are the moments of magic: big or small, they are the moments that enrich our lives. Wildhood is then, not a construct, but an expression of who we are and a recognition of what gives us joy.

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Class C Motorhome

Class C Motorhomes are easily recognizable by the over-the-cab area that is often an optional sleeping area. This type of RV is built on an automotive van frame with a wider body section attached to the original cab. Amenities are similar to those in conventional motorhomes with large kitchens, spacious living areas, large bathrooms, and a separate bedroom.



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