RV Packing List

First Time RVers – What should you pack?

Days before Departure

Ÿ Itinerary given to family and friends

Ÿ Weather reports checked for destination

Ÿ Emergency contact information in each person’s wallet

Ÿ Cash, travellers cheques, credit cards

General Camping Items

Ÿ Cellular Phone with extra battery / charger

Ÿ Maps, compass, GPS

Ÿ Weather radio

Ÿ Emergency whistle for each person

Ÿ First Aid Kit and Prescription Medicine

Ÿ Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Ÿ Folding Knife

Ÿ Binoculars

Ÿ Backpack/daypack

Ÿ Camera and Accessories

Ÿ Flashlights and extra batteries

Ÿ Lanterns, fuel for lanterns and candles

Ÿ Bug spray

Ÿ Alarm clock and battery

Ÿ Bedding – pillow/blankets/sheets

Ÿ Sleeping bags

Ÿ Firewood and firewood cutting tools

Ÿ Basic Tools (hammer, screw driver set etc.)

Ÿ Writing Paper and Pencil

Clothing Items

Ÿ Warm weather clothes

Ÿ Cold weather clothes

Ÿ Underclothes

Ÿ Sleepwear

Ÿ Caps / hats / gloves

Ÿ Rain gear

Ÿ Slippers / Shoes / socks

Ÿ Hiking boots / thick socks


Ÿ Toothbrush / toothpaste

Ÿ Soap / shampoo

Ÿ Towel

Ÿ Deodorant

Ÿ Shaving kit

Ÿ Hair care products (comb, brush, hair dryer)

Ÿ Toilet paper

Ÿ Contact lenses / contact solution / prescription glasses

Ÿ Laundry bag

Ÿ Mirror

RV Kitchen Checklist

Ÿ Detailed Meal Plan

Ÿ Groceries (per meal plan shopping list)

Ÿ Seasoning and spices (salt, pepper, steak sauce)

Ÿ Condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise)

Ÿ Drinking water and containers

Ÿ Water filter and treatment chemicals

Ÿ Utensils, cups, dishes

Ÿ Can opener

Ÿ Pots, pans, skillets

Ÿ Oven mitts and hot pads

Ÿ Airtight containers (to keep away animals)

Ÿ Ice chest and ice

Ÿ Camping stove and burner

Ÿ Grill and fuel (propane, charcoal)

Ÿ Lighter fluid for charcoal

Ÿ Lighter and waterproof matches

Ÿ Ziploc bags

Ÿ Aluminum foil

Ÿ Dishwashing items (soap, sponge, drying rag)

Ÿ Trash bags

Pets Checklist

Ÿ Pet food

Ÿ Treats

Ÿ Food and water bowl

Ÿ Water

Ÿ Pet toys

Ÿ Leash and harness

Ÿ Plastic bags to pick up after dogs

Ÿ Blanket and bed

Ÿ Coat and shoes for cold weather

Ÿ Towel