Winter RVing is an one-of-a-kind experience. Beautiful blankets of white snow, dog sledding adventures, ice fishing excursions. But, it can also be chilling if the necessary measures aren't taken. There's nothing worse than cold nights and damp mornings. Here are some tips to get yourself ready for a winter wonderland without the bite.

  • Always have enough bed quilting and winter clothing around so that everyone can easily live through a furnace failure even if stranded by weather for several days.
  • Park your RV in the sun whenever possible. You'll be amazed at how much a good winter sun can heat up your RV.
  • Park your RV on support boards. These boards will prevent your RV tires from "sinking" when the ground thaws.
  • If electricity is not a problem, use electric blankets at night to save on propane. Also, using a 1 500-watt electric heater or 1500-watt ceramic mini heater will also save on propane and wear and tear of the furnace.
  • Make sure that the heat tape you buy can be crossed over itself, as this will provide the most efficient seal.
  • If you have a motorized RV, check your batteries for water level and periodically start your engine to keep everything in good running order.
  • To keep your RV battery charged, consider getting a solar panel system or an inverter.