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13 Canadian Travel Gems to Add to Your Bucket List


Where are you celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial? Our beautiful country is brimming with culture, history, natural wonders. There are so many amazing places to explore from coast-to-coast! For a little travel inspiration for #Canada150, check out this roundup of 13 Canadian Travel Gems to Add to Your Bucket List. One stellar spot for each of our stellar provinces and territories. Happy travels!

1. Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island)

What better place to celebrate being Canadian and our nation’s 150th birthday than the Birthplace of Confederation! Take a stroll through Charlottetown and soak in the historic landmarks, the rich heritage and bevy of storytelling. Savour the farm-to-fork culinary scene, enjoy the bustling local arts community and wander the gorgeous outdoor playground on the shorelines just a short drive away. You’ll be proudly singing #imdownwithcharlottetown in no time!


2. Gros Morne National Park (Newfoundland & Labrador)

Fun fact: Almost 20 places in Canada are officially recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with six more on the pending list. One of the most popular sites is Gros Morne National Park – nestled on the west coast of Newfoundland. Chances are, you’ll see some pretty magnificent and breathtaking scenery. Pack up your RV and get the family together for some wildlife-watching and spectacular hikes in this seaside gem on the east coast.


3. Hopewell Rocks (New Brunswick)

Flower Pot Rocks, The Rocks, Hopewell Rocks… whatever you call them, they’re definitely a remarkable sight to behold. Come here to New Brunswick to see the highest tides in the world – twice a day. At low tide, you can experience the pure wonder of walking the ocean floor.


4. Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 (Nova Scotia)

Head to Halifax, step back into time and learn more about this iconic landmark and important part of Canadian history. From the late-1920’s through the early-1970’s, Pier 21 was the entry point for 1 in 5 Canadians – more than one million Canadian immigrants. A great educational pit stop on your next jaunt through Nova Scotia.


5. Fjord Route (Quebec)

Quebec’s Route du Fjord travels through the Saguenay Fjord – one of the longest fjords in the world at 235 km/146 mi. Jump in your camper and soak in the picturesque scenery, quaint villages and abundant natural beauty along this stunning shoreline.


6. Bruce Peninsula National Park (Ontario)

Forest dwellers, water sport enthusiasts and beach bums alike flock to Bruce Peninsula every year to #BringBackWildhood. Only a four-hour drive from Toronto, this outdoor oasis on the shoreline of the Georgian Bay is home to more than 200 species of wildlife and over 150 square kilometres of natural beauty.


7. Whiteshell Provincial Park (Manitoba)

Paddling or geocaching, anyone? Or perhaps a round of golf or a horseback ride along a scenic trail? Whatever your (outdoorsy) cup of tea, you’ll find something fun to do at Whiteshell Provincial Park. Spectacular scenery included.


8. Wood Buffalo National Park (Alberta/NWT)

Did you know that the border of Alberta and the Northwest Territories is home to Canada’s largest national park? Wood Buffalo National Park – also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is well known for its free-roaming bison herd. This outdoor gem is also a popular hiking and canoeing destination.


9. Drumheller Valley (Alberta)

Unearth adventure in the Canadian Badlands and venture where the dinosaurs roamed in Alberta. The Drumheller Valley – in the heart of the Canadian Badlands – serves up a visual feast of hoodoos (sandstone rock formations), canyons and fossils galore. Head to the Royal Tyrrell Museum and the World’s Largest Dinosaur to feed your prehistoric frenzy – fun for budding archaeologists of all ages!


10. Cathedral Grove (British Columbia)

It’s no surprise that Vancouver Island is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Take, for example, Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park. This lush forest of trails and pathways is lined with vibrant greenery and ancient (and very tall) douglas fir trees – some more than 800 years old. Stand in awe and wonder amidst these larger-than-life trees – and don’t forget to bring your selfie stick. 😉

11. Kluane National Park Reserve (Yukon)

Kluane National Park Reserve has many accolades to its name – home to Canada’s highest peak (Mount Logan, 5,959-metres), our country’s largest ice field and the most diverse grizzly population on the continent. Kluane is sure to amaze alpine enthusiasts and shutterbugs alike. A beautiful destination for a road trip to rugged adventure.

12. Dempster Highway (Northwest Territories)
This way to the Arctic… The Dempster Highway is “the only public highway in Canada to cross the Arctic circle”. Spanning three mountain ranges, three ecological areas and 740km/460mi of open road, the Dempster makes for a pretty spectacular road trip from the Yukon through the Northwest Territories. If you’re looking to travel this epic route this summer, be aware of current highway conditions (a long way between service centres) and plan accordingly.

13. Sport Fishing in the Arctic (Nunavut)

Angle your way to adventure on a sport fishing trek – what a way to find your Wildhood in Nunavut! Also known as ‘The Top of the World’, this bountiful destination of water and tundra offers incredible vistas and serene surroundings. You’re bound to reel in a once-in-lifetime experience in this fascinating region of Canada.

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