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How to pick the Best RVs for Couples


So you and your partner have decided to take the plunge—you’re shopping for an RV. Congratulations!

As we’ve said before, RVs come in all types and sizes. There’s no one-size-fits-all model. You’ll need to find the perfect RV for your lifestyle — and your sweetheart! Before diving into our RV recommendations, why note explore RV types and find your perfect match here. 


RV Types: Which is Right for You and Your Partner?


Let’s review the basics. There are five general categories of RVs:

  • Travel trailers can be towed behind hefty cars, vans, SUVs, or pickup trucks. Trailers, sometimes called campers, come in a variety of floor plans and sizes.
  • Fifth-wheel trailers belong in a category of their own. They come in a variety of sizes and floorplans. These towable RVs have raised extensions (usually a bedroom) that locks onto the rear of a pickup truck.
  • Class A motorhomes look a lot like busses. They’re the biggest RV style on the market, and they’re an all-in-one (home and motor) combo.
  • Class B motorhomes also include the vehicle and living space. These nimble vehicles look just like a giant van
  • Class C motorhomes are perhaps the most common type of RV. They come in a variety of floorplans. Class C RVs include a living space and a motorized cab. If you’ve ever rented an RV, it was probably a Class C.


Important RV Features for Couples

Only you and your partner can figure out which RV is best for you, but we’re happy to offer some guidance. First, look for an RV with these couple-specific features:

  • A bed instead of bunks. Couples often enjoy motorhomes with smaller sleeping capacities. Why sacrifice living space for bunks when you can share one queen-sized bed?
  • Separate shower and toilet. Wet baths function when necessary, but who wants to sit on a wet toilet because their partner just showered? Many couples prefer an RV floorplan with a separate toilet and shower space. At the very least, look for an RV with a shower base that keeps water from pooling in the entire bathroom area.
  • A dinette. You might envision nightly dinners under the stars, but Mother Nature could persuade you otherwise. A dinette is convenient. For couples, it functions as a kitchen table, a gathering place for conversation, and even a nook for one person to enjoy privacy while the other naps or goes to bed early.


Best RVs for Couples

Here are a few helpful suggestions if you’re not still unsure of the best RV for you and your partner.

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If you’re an adventurous couple…  

Do you and your partner love hiking? Cooking over a campfire instead of a stove? Adventurous couples often enjoy the off-roading capabilities of Class B camper vans or popup travel trailers.

Your tiny RV retreat will still have all the essentials—a place to eat, sleep, and store food and clothing—but without the extra weight or maintenance of a bathroom, laundry, or expansive living space.

If you’re a senior couple… 


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Ray and Tammy of The RV Lifestyle recently recommended a lightweight travel trailer for weekend vacationers who are empty nesters or recently retired. They also offer several suggestions for specific models.


But as we’ve said, your perfect RV depends on your lifestyle. Many seniors who go on month- or summer-long RV trips prefer the homey luxury of a Class A motorhome. Seniors who already own a large SUV or pickup truck also enjoy fifth wheels, which come with a surprising variety of floor plans and amenities.


If you’re full-time RVers…

Fifth wheels are incredibly popular with full-time RVers. Why? Flexibility. Imagine the ease of parking your RV at a serene campsite, then unhitching your truck so that you can drive to nearby supermarkets or restaurants. With a fifth wheel, you get the best of both worlds: a spacious RV living space with zippy, detachable transportation.


If you and your partner love luxury…

Any motorhome can be decorated or renovated to your taste. But the expansive slideouts and gourmet kitchens of top-of-the-line Class A RVs delight couples with a taste for luxury. Touchscreen infotainment centres, full-sized showers, and outdoor kitchens allow you to relax and enjoy life even while parked at a remote campsite.

Still not sure which RV is for you and your partner? Sometimes the best way to find out is taking a tour inside a few models! Find a dealer in your area and explore the options available to you today!


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