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RV Tailgating 101


So you want to plan a party. What better host than your RV? Bring your tailgate party to the next level with some of these helpful tips and fun ideas.


Food First

Droll-worthy food should be the focus of any tailgate party. Tailgating with an RV makes cooking for all your friends that much easier.

As host, you will be in charge of the main items. Barbeque is the obvious choice. Plan for more than you think you need. Growing kids and friends of friends means a lot of hungry mouths to feed.

As for the rest, ask those attending to bring their favourite side dish. Turn the tailgate into a potluck. The more the merrier!

Step up your tailgating game with a decent barbeque or smoker.

If you feel like getting really fancy, upgrade your barbeque equipment or invest in a smoker. We promise your guests will be impressed.



Your guests will need forks, knives, and plates to eat with. Don’t forget to assign someone to dishes duty.


Stay hydrated

A day in the sun requires proper hydration. Stock up on plenty of fresh water if you won’t be near a hookup. Consider a few flavours of pop and juice for the kids and mixes as well.


Follow the party wherever it goes

The best thing about an RV is that it is literally a home on wheels. You can roll with the punches wherever the party takes you. Whether it be NFL or your kids’ little leagues. Not into sports? Pick a scenic location to park your tailgate. Don’t want to travel far? Set up on a friend’s yard if they have the space. Even a driveway will do in a pinch!


Don’t forget a cooler

When hosting a tailgate, friends like to contribute. We all know the struggles of RV-sized refrigerators. Bust out coolers for drinks, sides, and anything else that friends might bring along. Just don’t forget to stock up on ice too!


Or the jam party

What is a tailgate without good music? If you’re planning to tailgate in the wilderness, preload songs onto a phone to plug in when you lose reception. Or, pack up a few of your old CDs that have been collecting dust since the creation of iPods.

Better yet, put someone on guitar duty. Show off your old favourites for all your friends. Drums, harmonicas, and others are welcome.


Heat wave? DIY pool party.

The best part about tailgates is that they can be customized to fit the weather, your friends, and your setting. If you’re dealing with a heat wave, someone should be on pool duty to keep everyone cool. This is especially important for the young ones coming out.


Assign someone to fire wood

Depending on the location of your tailgate, a nighttime bonfire might be necessary. Keep everyone warm and keep the bugs away with a crackling fire. Assign someone to fire wood—and someone to marshmallows.


Proper seating

Or swinging. Hammocks, anyone? Or picnics tables, picnic blankets, folding loungers. Regardless of what you choose to sit on, make sure there are places to sit. Tell all of your guests to BYOC: Bring Your Own Chair.



What’s your theme? Are you rooting for a specific team, or having fun in the sun? Decorations make any tailgate party that much more memorable.


Make time for fun and games

Keep the kiddos (and adults) entertained with organized games. Cards, ring toss, and bocce ball are classics.


Themed team tee shirts

Add a competitive edge to the lawn games with themed team tee shirts. While this requires a lot more planning, it makes for great photo ops throughout the day.

Are you planning a tailgate party? Let us know how you prepare for the big day!

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