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Summer Cocktails to Get the Camp Vibes A-Flowing


So you’ve parked the RV, set up camp, got the sweet patio lights strung along the RV canopy and the campfire started. What next’ Perhaps a summer camping cocktail is in order to get those camp vibes a-flowing*. Sounds like a plan! Here are some of our favourite summer bevvie essentials (and some easy-peasy cocktail recipes to boot).

Cocktail Stocking List
Who doesn’t love a summer cocktail (or mocktail) al fresco’ So refreshing ‘ especially in the great outdoors. Since we’re all aiming to pack light, it’s best to narrow it down to a small handful of old standby’s and tasty cocktail recipes with similar ingredients. Here’s a handy list of ingredients that you might want to bring along:

‘ Beer (or lite beer, if you prefer)
‘ Bottle of wine (red, white or rose blend ‘ whichever you prefer for sangria)
‘ Tequila
‘ Triple sec liqueur
‘ Amaro Lucano (for something a bit different than the traditional coffee with Baileys ‘ check out the recipe below)

‘ Fresh lemons or limes (squeeze for a splash of citrus ‘ and use the wedge for garnish to fancy it up!)
‘ Frozen fruit ‘ strawberries, peaches, blueberries, watermelon, pineapple and the like. (Tip: Keep it fuss-free, grab a frozen bag of pre-cut fruit.)
‘ Sugar (or Stevia or honey)
‘ Salt (if you want to salt the rim of your cup)
‘ Tea bags (Earl Grey or your favourite brew)
‘ Half & half cream
‘ Sparkling water, Sprite or 7-Up
‘ Orange juice (or your favourite fruit juice)
‘ Simple syrup (or you can mix your own with water and cane sugar)

Cocktail Tools
Shaken, not stirred’ Mixed or muddled’ Blended or straight up’ Whatever your fancy, be sure to stock your RV cupboard with these popular cocktail tools to help get the party started*.

‘ Corkscrew
‘ Bottle opener
‘ Muddler
‘ Stir stick (or just keep it simple and use a spoon or spatula)
‘ Martini shaker (or a large mason jar with a lid works well, too!)
‘ Plastic pitcher (or again, a large mason jar with a lid)
‘ Ice cube tray

Tips for Storing your Stock
Look for storage-friendly options like stackable tumblers (ideally non-breakables) and multi-tools (some pocket-sized Swiss Army Knives come equipped with a handy corkscrew or bottle opener). Jumbo-sized bottles tend to create clutter, so mini-fridge sized bottles or mickeys can help save on space. Or, you could transfer the liquor into flasks or smaller bottles ‘ just remember to label them (masking tape and a sharpie does the trick!).

Easy-Peasy Summer Cocktails Recipes
You’ll want to bookmark these fabulous summer cocktail recipes. These bevvies are perfect for an après-hike pick-me-up when get back to the site or a cozy sing-a-long around the campfire. If mocktails are more your speed, check out the last link for delicious (alcohol-free) options.

12 Summer Sangrias (Source: Food Network Canada)
Boozy Iced London Fogs (Source: Eat North)
Margarita (Source: Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube)
Skinny Beer-garitas (Source: Eat Yourself Skinny) (Source:

Looking for more camping recipes to fill your belly and wet your whistle’ Check out more recipes on the Go RVing Canada blog.

Any of your favourite camping cocktails missing from this list’ Feel free to share your ideas with our #RVersKnow community! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

* Of course, this goes without saying, but just in case: Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

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