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Your Best Retirement Decision Yet


RVing Might Be Your Best Retirement Decision Yet

The RVing lifestyle is definitely a favourite among retirees – and not just in the snowbird season. It’s also relatively easy to set a budget (and stick to it) while exploring and experiencing new adventures at every turn. What’s not to love about this active outdoor lifestyle?

If you’re thinking of RVing in your retirement, you might have a few questions before embracing life on the road. We have plenty of resources to get started, but here are a few of the popular questions…

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Do we want a motorhome, travel trailer, or park model?

Travel trailers are becoming increasingly popular because they free up your vehicle for quick trips once you’ve parked your rig on your campsite. Motorhomes, however, appeal to some for their simplicity (no need to hitch up) as well as luxury features. Speaking of luxury, there are also park models to consider! A park model is ideal for those who are looking to stay on one site for seasonal camping and enjoy all of the comforts of a vacation home or cottage.


Should we rent before we buy?

It depends! If you’ve never tried RVing before, it might be a good idea to test the waters with an RV rental before taking the plunge. If you have a long-time love for RVing and outdoor pursuits, why wait to hit the road? Now is the perfect time to shop around at an RV dealer in your area!

If you choose to buy, check out our RV owner tips for popular topics about regular maintenance.

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What other expenses do we need to consider?

Life on the road sounds wonderful, but what about the associated expenses? Sure, full-time RVers don’t need to worry about the traditional homeowner woes, but there are some tips to keep in mind.

  • While spontaneity can be a good thing, during peak season you’ll want to book your campsites in advance at RV parks and campgrounds. Consider what types of campground amenities are on your wishlist: heated pools, onsite gym, etc.
  • It’s easier (and lighter on your load) to grocery shop and plan meals as you go vs. packing your RV pantry with family-sized ingredients and packaged food goods. Here are some handy tips for for eating healthy on the road.

Other expenses to budget for: fuel, laundry, international insurance, phone and data plans, and general repairs. Check out this helpful blog post for more camping tips for retirees on a budget.


Where should we go?

Let us help you plan your next RV trip! Here are a few long-haul trips that are fan favourites:


The Cross-Canada Trek

It’s no secret that we think RVing in Canada is pretty great. Follow the Trans-Canada Highway from Victoria, British Columbia all the way to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Every Canadian needs to drive through the prairies at least once in their lives! Take the ferry from Vancouver Island, stop to explore the majestic Rockies, and travel to Northern Ontario to see the not-so-well-known rolling mountains of the Canadian Shield. There’s so much to see along the way!

Need more road trip inspiration? Maybe one of these is just the adventure you’re looking for – peruse our curated Canadian trips guides and find one that’s right for you!

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Route 66 from Lake Michigan to LA

Route 66 between Lake Michigan and Los Angeles can typically be done in two weeks, but it’s better to take a month if you want to stop at all the good spots along the way. This popular route is known for its delicious diners and beautiful views. Oh yeah — and, of course, the Grand Canyon. You need to experience this road trip for yourself!

Pacific Coast from BC to California

Take a month to catch all the must-sees like Vancouver Island, the Oregon Coast and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Don’t forget to stop for the incredible views of Big Sur before continuing south through Malibu and to San Diego.

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