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Top Tips for RVing with Your Pet


The great thing about traveling by RV is that there’s space for every single member of your family, fur babies included. The ability to safely, conveniently and affordably bring pets along is what encourages many people to choose to vacation or adventure via RV. Before you do embark on a journey with your four legged friend, here are a few things you’ll want to prepare for.

1. Consider taking your pet to the vet before you go.
This way you can ensure all vaccines are up to date and that your pet is in good health to travel. The vet can also give you advice on any health issues that could come up on your travels, like flea, tick or worm concerns. Another topic you might want to speak with your vet about is the possibility of having your pet micro-chipped, if you haven’t already. That way, in the worst-case-scenario that you get separated, they’ll be able to track you down and plan a safe return.

2. Make sure to consider your pets when planning your travel schedule.
Your pets are most likely used to a having a set schedule and routine, and it’s best to keep them on a similar one when you travel. Deviations from the regular times they are fed and exercised can cause agitation and poor digestion. It’s also best to pack enough of their regular food so you don’t run out and have to switch brands, which can cause poor digestion or (worst of all) a pouty, unhappy pet. An alternative would be to ensure there’s a store with their regular brand along your route. Dehydration can be an issue on long trips, so ensure you pack extra water for your pets. It’s also a great idea to map out pet-friendly parks or stops along your route, so you have a clear time frame for stops.

3. Make sure to pack appropriately for your pet.

It’s easy to overlook small but significant items, especially if you haven’t travelled with your pet before. A few things to consider:

    ‘ Lots of your pet’s regular food, and extra water in case of emergency (don’t forget bowls!)
    ‘ Treats
    ‘ Toys
    ‘ Litter box if necessary
    ‘ Your pet’s usual bed or blanket
    ‘ Extra paper towel, old towels and cleaner for adventurous pets
    ‘ A leash and kennel (as applicable)
    ‘ All of your pets medications and health records
    ‘ Plastic bags to pick up after them
    ‘ Insect repellant
    ‘ A First Aid kit for pets

You’ll also want to ensure your pet’s identification tags are up-to-date before you leave. You’ll want the number to be for the cellphone you will be traveling with, as opposed to a landline.

4. Call ahead to ensure campgrounds are pet friendly.
If you’re not sure, it’s best to call ahead and double check on campgrounds pet policies. Some campgrounds have breed restrictions, or policies around how many pets you can bring. Some campgrounds may also charge extra fees for pets, so it’s best to be prepared beforehand.

5. Make your pets safe and comfortable
It’s great when travelling with your pet feels fun and relaxing, but you don’t want to get so comfortable that you forget to put safety first. Pets should always be safely secured while you’re driving, and not allowed to wander free. This is to ensure everyone’s safety, as roaming pets can cause accidents due to distracted driving. Consider using a seatbelt harness or a carrier to keep both your fur babies and your family safe. You don’t want anyone to go flying if a quick, sharp break is in order!

6. Don’t forget to be a considerate pet parent
It’s hard to believe, but there are a few people out there who don’t love pets. Always remember to keep your animals under control, and be considerate of areas on campgrounds or parks that are not pet-friendly. And don’t forget, all poop must be picked up after your pet, no matter where you are.

7. And the most important part’
Have fun! And don’t forget your camera – those pet photos are priceless.
Are you inspired to take a pet-friendly vacation’ You can learn more about renting an RV here, or start planning your next trip with our handy Trip Planner. And now that you know what to pack for your pets, you might want to check out our packing list for humans as well!


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